Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • The ball carrier runs towards the defender and attracts the tackle.
  • After contact, the player turns to offload to their teammate making the supporting run to the side.
  • This player carries the ball into the next tackling defender, and offloads to the third teammate making the supporting run on the opposite side.

Coaching points

  • Groups of three.
  • Ball carrier should be the middle player to start with, who chooses which side of the defender to hit and therefore which teammate to offload to.
  • Ball carrier should be aware of teammates positioning. Teammates should stick close enough to ball carrier for the offload.
  • If attacking the right side of the defender, wait for contact, then take the ball into your right hand and spin slightly after tackle to offload.
  • Three defenders to get past, five metres between each defender.

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Drill tags: offload, passing

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