Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • This is a 3 v 2 attack v defence situation where the attacking team must make passing decisions to get past the defenders and 'score a try'.
  • Set out a playing area of about 10m x 5m
  • Three attackers and two defenders line up next to the coach in the middle of the sideline of the area
  • On GO, the players run round their ends of the area and the coach passes to one of the three attackers - the 3 v 2 is live
  • Attackers must try to get to the defenders' back line

Coaching points

  • Ball carrier should aim to draw a defender before passing to a teammate
  • The overload situation means that attackers have the advantage and should get through more often than not
  • Aim ot fix up the defender and pass square, look to unclude dummys and sidesteps in attacking play.

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