Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • 2 Teams 
  • Ball 
  • Tackle Bags 

3 Tackle bags are in a break down formation. With one player from the other team opposite them. 

The tackle bag team is lined up as if they are about to attack. 

The non tackle bag team must line up as if they are defending.

The ball is rolled in the player with no tackle bag on the opposite team must get the ball away from the break down as quickly as possible with the tackle bags putting lots of pressure on. 

The non takcle bag team then must re-align as quickly as possible aiming to score from the turn over ball. 

Coaching points

  • Try to complete 2 passes on the turn over ball - get away from break down as quickly as possible.
  • Oppotunites are outwide - so try get the ball to wider channels. 
  • Urgency to re-align. 
  • lots of communication.

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