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Drill to improve short space and wide space overlap play.

Set up a grid 15m wide, split into a 5m channel and a 10m channel, and 10m long (see diagram).

4 attackers (red) line up along one side, A1 and A2 within the 5m channel opposite D1(blue). A3 and A4 line up in the 10m channel opposite D2 and D3.

A1 and A2 run a 2v1 against D1 in the 5m channel. When A2 receives the ball they run out of the 5m channel into the 10m channel and into a 3v2 situation linking with A3 and A4 attacking D2 and D3.

D2 and D3 can't move until A2 enters the 10m channel, and to start with can only move laterally along the try line.


If players are struggling to execute the 3 v 2 situation, widen the 10m channel to 15m and once they have success at this width bring the channel back to 10m wide.


D2 and D3 can move off the line to put pressure on the attack once A2 enters the 10m channel.

Coaching points

Defence: Body position - try to turn hips out to cover the pass. Fake to force attackers into decision.

Attack: Pump/fish/dummy - defender will hopefully follow the dummy and then turn back onto ball carrier.

Moving defenders through footwork and running angles.

Holding defenders to pass to support players who are in space.

Identification and communication of space by supporting players.

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Drill tags: 2v1, 3v2, decision making, overlap, passing, space

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