Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Split the players into two teams, giving each team their own set of bibs. Two different colours that clearly define the teams.
  • Keep your player briefing, brief. It's important that you get your players moving as quickly as possible.
  • Tell the players that we will be playing One Touch Ruck, see the laws surrounding this game in the Warm-Ups section of the SportPlan site.
  • Briefly - when an attacking player is touched while carrying the ball: they go to ground and either pop or present the ball for a minimum of two supporting players to ruck over. The defence should behave as they normally would at the ruck, committing two players who will not compete for the ball or go into contact.
  • The defence should employ their normal patterns around the ruck.
  • The attacking team can have three touches in a row between the 15 meter lines, if they move the ball to the either of the 15 meter channels they can have another four touches in that channel before having to move the ball back out. If the attacking team moves quickly from one 15 meter channel to the other (exploiting space), they get a bonus of 4 touches in that zone. If any attacking team exceeds the number of touches they can sustain inside a channel, the ball is turned over. Play with these laws a bit - keeping an eye on what you want to achieve in this session.
  • The normal laws of rugby apply, any law infringements result in a turn over.
  • There is no kicking in this game.
  • Don't forget to give the defence a turn in attack, if for any reason the attacking team is particularly good at retaining the ball. If they are, well done you as a coach!

Coaching points

You don't need to focus on all of the following. Pick the points that are relevant to your session, and keep in mind you may have your own ideas for coaching points.

  • Encourage players to play the game at pace.
  • Players should put width on the ball moving the ball from zone to zone.
  • Communication should be efficient, effective, and encouraging.
  • Your scum half and first receiver should be communicating and directing the attack.
  • Leaders should be aware of the teams attacking position on the pitch, the number of touches they have sustained etc.
  • The attacking team should work to create traffic by the use of rucks, and to attack space.
  • Attackers should be prepared to go through the phases waiting for an opportunity to emerge, it's ok not to score right away - panic is not welcome on our team.
  • Attackers should use depth in their attack to give them the time they need as appropriate to their skill level.
  • The defence should communicate and work as a unit to defend against a ball that moves quickly to different attacking zones.
  • Attacking players should be creative in attack, using preset moves, switches, skip passes etc.
  • The scrum half must meet their 5 second target at the base of the ruck in line with law changes.
  • Passes are weighted correctly in terms of distance, speed, and direction.
  • Players come onto the ball do so at pace.

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