Rugby Drill Demonstration


Set up 2 x 12m wide channels side by side

Players work clockwise between the two channels playing continuous 4 v 2, with ball fed in by scrum halves

Defence can choose to stand either narrow or wide, A plays against this D and tries to score

2x A become defenders, rest of the 4 players work clockwise to next channel and set up next attack

Coaching points

1st thing A must communicate is the defensive set up (Wide/Narrow), this gives us an idea of where the space is and where we want to the put the ball, but players must realise this can change

If Wide = punch through the middle

If Narrow = play out and round with bale

If players see gap comms is "BOSS"

Important that the bale holds very deep, if we get shallow Bale and Winger will run out of space on the wing. Therefore, we have to go BACK then ROUND D so that we can straigten up if needs be. This also gives us time to distribute from Bale

Bale sets up slightly inside Hard Line so that we force the 10 to throw a 70 degree pass

Bale setup - uncomfortably deepBacks MovesRugby Drills Coaching