Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • This is a 4 v 3 overload drill in favour of the attackers
  • The area is set out, with four attackers spread out across the back line, three defenders 5 yards in front them, and another row of three defenders 5 yards behind them
  • On GO, the coach passes to the first attacking player, and the ball travels along the line to eventually reach the end player
  • That player is then first to reach the next line of defenders, and the ball is passed back along the line and the original attacker should receive the ball in space to 'score a try'.

Coaching points

  • The passing should take place at game speed where possible
  • But the pressure from the defenders should only be light, a small movement towards the oncoming player
  • Players should focus on timing of pass (just before contact), weight of pass (easy enough for receiver to catch and pass off quickly), and accuracy of pass (torso height for receiver to catch effectively and pass quickly).

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