Reversing Roles - Conditioned Game

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Netball Reversing Roles - Conditioned Game Small games A 6 v 6 game with 3 attackers and 3 defenders. All attackers can shoot from anywhere in their ...

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Community Drills

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1. Follow the leader: conditioning warm up.2. Piggy in the middle: defensive/ interceptions skills.3. Shooting Drill.4. Jail break: learning footwork ...


1 shooter runs the full drill and tags another shooter who repeats the drill.2. build up to 2 shooters, 1 shooter in always top and other is base or 1...

Conditioning and Stretches

- Start with a 2 lap run of the turf, come back and stretch, starting with toes/ankles/calves/quads/core/shoulders/arm/neck- Shuttles: high knees to f...