Netball Conditioning - Performing when tired

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Your players should never be standing still! They should always be moving, jogging from one side of the court to the other, ready to sprint onto the ball when the opportunity arises.

To ensure your players have a high enough level of fitness - making sure they've got enough mileage in their legs to see them through the full-four quarters we've designed this high-intensity interval training session.

A tale of two halves:

The first half of this session is designed to push your players hard, getting them to jog, sprint hard and change direction.

In the second we add a ball into the mix as we test your players' ability to perform balls skills when they're physically drained.

Not only will this be interesting for you, it'll also be interesting for your players, as you both get the chance to witness how fit your team really are and how tired legs can affect their ability to perform skills such as passing and shooting!

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