Strength and Conditioning - Developing Agility and Endurance!

Get improving your player?s strength, agility and endurance with this conditioning session, to ensure that your team can all last the full 60 minutes. It?s important that your players can perform to a high level of performance throughout the whole match, so get to work on improving on their fitness, ahead of your next game!

Fitness training will often never go down with your players but with a number of fun and challenging exercises, you?ll get them ready to improve the different fitness aspects needed for Netball. Work on their agility, so they are able to improve their movement around the court, losing their marker and providing an option for their team-mates. Agility is a key component for Netball, as well as having the endurance to last the full 60 minutes, putting their highest level throughout.

Get your players competitive for the entire match by improving their fitness, making sure that they are raring to go!

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