1 Touch Scores

category: Conditioned-Games

Set up with cones set out in a square 10m x 10m, and inside the square have two teams of three players each, and one ball between them.

The ...

1 V 1 - Channelling

category: Defending-Skills

Split your group into two teams - defenders and attackers.

Players with the ball have to run around the cone and try and score. Players with...

1 V 1 Choose

category: Eliminating-a-Player

Two attackers run together at the same time with a ball each. Attackers can dribble through any of the three goals. The defender has to choose whic...

1 V 1 Practice Relay

category: Eliminating-a-Player

One player (the defender) stands between two cones and is only allowed to move left or right with stick and body in that area. The player with the bal...

1 V 1 Two Channel

category: Eliminating-a-Player

The player with the ball starts on the half way line and has to try and go through the area with the defender in and have a shot at goal. The defen...

1 Vs 1 Battle For The Ball

category: Eliminating-a-Player

Two players run to the ball to gain possession. The player in possession tries to score. The player without the ball is the defender and tries to...

1 Vs 1 Practice

category: Eliminating-a-Player

Split the players up into two groups for a relay type exercise which starts with one player from group 1 running with a ball to the goal on the hal...

1V1 - Scoring Challenge

category: Shooting-Goalscoring

Set up two lines of players as show in the image.

The players with the ball start from the middle of the pitch on the 23m line and run out t...

2 Vs 1

category: Indoor-Hockey

Make a channel down the board by placing cones 7 - 10 metres away from the board
Forward passes the ball to the waiting forward on the half way lin...

2 Vs 1

category: Movement-off-the-ball

The player with the ball passes the ball square to the other attacking player. Upon receiving the ball player 2 runs laterally across the defender,...

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Community Drills

Kicking (Goals)

Use of two goals. One is a hockey goal the other is two cones.One goalkeeper in between both goals and the other behind the goals with the cones to st...

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The group will split into two and will stand behind the two cones. This will be a puls raiser, and get eveyone stretched.

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This will be a half pitch game to finish with. The players will be split into two and given bibs. The will play a normal game.Explain the basic rules ...