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Place a cone in the middle of the halfway line. Two players start with the ball on the halfway line with a 3rd player standing and waiting just behind them.

After the attacking player passes the ball to the two defenders in front of them the two players on the half way line move to try and win the ball back.

The two defenders with the ball have to try and get the ball to the player who is still stood on the halfway line. However, if the two front players closing down the ball win the ball the 3rd player (on the halfway line) can then help them to score a goal, creating a 3 vs 2 situation.

Coaching points

The front players can do one of two things:

Zone or Block the forward pass and wait for the defence to give them the ball. This means one player pressing the ball and the other player blocking the ball through the middle


Press and Force the mistake. This means that both forwards step out together the moment the pass goes across the D. Both forwards would then press and split the game, with the objective being to force the play to the right side.

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