Improving passing movement and vision

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Space is a valuable commodity on a hockey pitch, so you?ve got to work hard to create it. It?s not always who runs the furthest and the hardest who gets the space, sometimes slighter movements can buy a player a pocket of space to receive the ball and create an attack from.

What's in the Session?

Develop players understanding of where the space is in relation to the defender and how their first touch can manipulate the space to take full advantage of it. The session progresses with this thought going through the spine of the session from the dynamic warm-up to a technical practice to create space before finishing with a conditioned game to put into practice creating space to sustain attacking pressure.

The four drills in this plan are great for groups of all sizes and can be used with groups of 6 players and up. Drills in this plan include:

  • Fun movement warm up game
  • Two creating personal space exercises
  • Small conditioned game to finish

Develop your teams outletting and create sustained attacks by developing your players ability to create space and take advantage of it when they do.

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