Introduction - Passing and Receiving on the Move

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This week it's all about increasing the speed up your game-play. Teaching your junior players how to pass and receive on the move will significantly add another dynamic to your attacks - players will be able to make run towards goal and comfortably receive a pass. This plan breaks down passing and receiving into simple drills. Players will be able to focus on developing their technique whilst also improving their passing speed and accuracy.

What's in the Session?

To get the ball rolling we open with some simple running relays, encouraging players to keep a high left elbow and their head up. Once players have been reminded of the correct running with the ball technique, we then start to look at running out to meet the pass and receiving on the move, before finishing with a fun conditioned game that everyone will enjoy.

Sportplan Tip:

Even though this session is focused on junior players, it can easily be adapted to suit the ability of your players if the speed of the pass is kept to the level of the players. The speed and distance can be increased once your players grow in confidence and control.

Get on the move today!

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