Hockey Drill Demonstration


  • Three players set up in a triangle formation, with the two attackers as the base of the triangle. The ball carrier is on the right side
  • The ball carrier makes a positive run towards the outside of the defender
  • Player without the ball (support player) runs into space to receive a pass and communicates they are ready to receive the pass
  • The defender should get attracted to the ball and ball carrying attacker. As soon as the defender engages, the ball carrier should pass left to the supporting player.
  • Coaching points

    • Ball carrier needs to maintain a strong body position
    • The supporting run should be delayed and not in front of the defender, because the ball carrier is passing across the defender's open stick side making the interception slightly easier than on the reverse stick side
    • The ball carrier should dribble for the first couple of yards in a way that doesn't suggest they will pass the ball, then late on, pass quickly sideways to the supporting player.


    • A progression may be for the attackers to eliminate a defender in a grid and move into the next grid to eliminate a second defender
    • Another progression may be to move from grid one to shoot at goal, making this game realistic and directional

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