Hockey Drill Demonstration


  • Three players set up in a triangle formation, with the two attackers as the base of the triangle. The ball carrier is on the left side
  • The ball carrier makes a positive run towards the outside of the defender
  • Player without the ball (support player) runs into space to receive a pass and communicates they are ready to receive the pass
  • The defender should get attracted to the ball and ball carrying attacker. As soon as the defender engages, the ball carrier should pass right to the supporting player

Coaching points

  • Ball carrier needs to maintain a strong body position
  • This run should be as late as possible, to be able to run onto the pass
  • The ball carrier should dribble for the first couple of yards in a way that doesn't suggest they will pass the ball, then late on, open up the body and make the pass across the defender's left foot


  • A progression may be for the attackers to eliminate a defender in a grid and move into the next grid to eliminate a second defender.
  • Another progression may be to move from grid one to shoot at goal, making this game realistic and directional

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