Senior: Making the Most of the Overload

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In the overload your forwards need to isolate the defender for a simple 2v1 - especially at the end of the season, when every goal counts more than ever!

Because most overloads start with a forward picking up the ball in space and at speed it often requires them to control on the reverse. To help your players practice this skill this session encourages positive, attacking play in your players!

What's in the Session?

To get things started we focus on receiving the ball on the reverse in a series of small group exercises where players must make space for the pass in a 2v1. Once your players have had the chance to practice the skill in isolation we then build back towards a game situation, getting players to pass towards the goal before finishing with one of our favourite conditioned games - especially designed to promote attacking play and switching the point of attack!

Try this session with your players today!

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Senior: Making the Most of the Overload
Ben Joubert
South Africa Ben Joubert
If you have prepared well and can move them quickly from one exercise to the next, you gain fitness with skill

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