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1 v 1 Drills

You need agility, skills and stamina in order to come out on top in a 1v1 situation, especially when playing against taller players. These one on one ...

2 v 2 Drills

These 2v2 drills and videos will challenge your players' defensive and attacking skills, by getting them to compete against each other in pairs. To im...


Attacking Rebound Drill

category: Rebound

Basketball Attacking rebound drill Rebound Players toss the ball up on the backboard for themselves to then catch on the rebound. After catching the ...

2V1 To 3V2

category: 2-v-1

Basketball 2v1 to 3v2 2 v 1 2 players will attack 1 defender. After a shot has been taken all 3 players become offence and 2 defenders will run in to...

2V2 Transition - Continuous Game

category: 2-v-2

Basketball 2v2 Transition - Continuous game 2 v 2 Set up 4 lines of players, with a ... and the previous attacking pair must sprint back to play defe...

1 V 1 Advantage

category: Games

Basketball 1 v 1 Advantage Games A line of players will start in the corner. There will be a cone in front of the players about 25 ft away. There wil...

1 V 1 From The Wing

category: 1-v-1

Basketball 1 v 1 from the wing 1 v 1 Set up two lines, one for the for the defending players (red) and the other for the attacking players (blue) who...

Long Pass And Reverse Pivot

category: Shooting

Basketball Long Pass and Reverse Pivot Shooting Player 1 passes cross-court to player 2 who ... Three player rotation - Straight passing attack Drill...

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Community Drills

Agility - Full court pressure

Red player (defender) lines up at the middle cone in defensive stanceBlue player (or coach) stand baseline out of bounds with a ballBlue ball fakes le...