Basketball Drill Demonstration


Set up two lines, one for the for the defending players (red) and the other for the attacking players (blue) who have one ball.

When the coach blows their whistle both players run around their respective cones (shown in diagram).

After the blue player has made their way around the cone another player in the offensive players' line passes the ball to them.

After they've run round the cones players play out the 1 vs 1.

Coaching points

Players need to understand advantage. If the defensive player is too far away from the offensive player they should take their opportunity and shoot.

If the defender is too close or running out to contest the shot, they must look to attack the basket.

Once the drill is dead players join the back of the other line. So the attacking player goes to the back of the defender's line and vice versa.


Increase the distance of the cones from the start position.

Move to the other side of the court.

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