Speed Dribbling - Full steam ahead!

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Time and tide wait for no man, so with that in mind this session is all about moving as fast as possible with the ball with 8 speed dribbling practices to get players pushing off their outside foot to change direction and dribbling full steam ahead!

To get your players bursting out of the blocks, dribbling with power and speed, this session aims to push them - getting them to dribble a lot faster with the ball than they're used to. Yes, there may be a few mistakes as your players play at a faster speed but stay positive, it's only through mistakes that players learn.

The speed dribble is used when players want to progress the ball up the court as quickly as possible, often when there is limited defensive pressure. To perform this technique effectively players should be pushing the ball out in front, at about waist height, then running to catch up with the ball and push it out again.

What's in the Session?

To practice running at defenders with pace we begin with a fun game of Basketball Bulldog and continue to build the skill towards more and more match-like exercises, getting players to run at the basket, beat their man and score the lay-up.

Do you think your players have what it takes? Find out with this high speed dribbling session!

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