Basketball Drill Demonstration


The aim of session three is working on Fast Break Drills which then lead onto 1v1 Attack With Narrow Cones. 

i will start my session by doing a simple jog around the sports hall which will then follow into some stretches.

We are then moving onto the first drill which involves The offensive player starts under the basket with the ball.

The defensive player starts at half court.

Cones are aligned on each side.

The offensive player dribbles at the defensive player and makes a dribble move to attempt to get by the defensive player. The offensive player then attempts to score.

If the offensive player dribbles outside the cones or loses the ball, they lose possession and the next group starts. Once the offensive player is past the cones, they can use the whole floor to score.

The offensive player's goal is to get by the defender as quickly as possible while driving to the basket in straight lines with the fewest amount of dribbles as possible.

this drill will help them progress in a game situation.


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