Varied Running - Up And Down The Court

category: Warm-ups

Netball Varied Running - Up and Down the court Warm ups Simple jogging x 4 lengths Jog backwards x 2 lengths Switch jogging, switching between forwar...

Intercepting Passes Down Court

category: Attack

Netball Intercepting passes down court Attack Half the group have a ball each, the other half has to stand tactically in between the two lines. The p...

Backline Stack

category: Set-Plays

  • WD and GD will start in a stacked position, one behind the other with the WD in front
  • The C will start just inside the centre th...


Effectively finding space

Develop your players ability to create and penetrate space, working as a unit to provide offers for the ball carrier.



Community Drills

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Two_attackers: 1 does footwork on ladder, the other does footwork on cones (or just clears down court). Both hit their own green cone, and make a lead...

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Defender_to_stay 30cm in front of player facing down court, opposite shoulders lining up. Defender to make short sharp footwork to stay in front posit...

Increase options for passing

2 players offer options for feeder, and player who doesn't receive the pass drives on down court to reoffer as an optionPlayers discuss where first fe...