Developing effective team defence to deny space and force errors up and down the court!

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It is vital for your defenders to delay their players for as long as possible, so they cannot get depth down court. This session is therefore perfect to get your defence working as a unit to hold up the opposition to encourage a held ball or turnover.

What?s in the Session?

The session begins with a fun game, focused around the players using their defensive skills to keep the ball from entering the target zones. This warm-up will get your players ready for the session and begin to work as a unit and communicate in order to succeed. The session progresses to allow the defenders to work on keeping their attacker high up the court, this will prevent the attack gaining distance down court towards their attacking third. The focus is also placed upon the defenders body angle and ensuring this is correct to stop the attack. However, in netball as we do not work in isolation, the drill ?running the gauntlet? allows the defence to begin to work in a partnership and team, putting the skill in a court situation. The session then encourages the defenders to not only do their own job and keep their attacker up court, but also look for the interception. This is then further incorporated into the final game.

Ensure each player does their job, whilst also working together as a unit to hold up the ball.

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