The Overhead Pass - Putting Power behind the Pass

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In this Session we look at how your players can quickly get the ball to a team-mate higher up the court - using the powerful Overhead Pass to get the ball over the opposition.

A good overhead pass is perfect for throw-ins, penalty passes and passing down court. It should also have a quick, flat and straight flight. It's a basic pass so your players should be able to learn the technique quite quickly.

Improving the overhead pass

To help players develop their overhead passes we start with a quick technique review, before then putting practice into play with a series of three fun and challenging games and drills - designed to get your players moving, timing their runs to catch the overhead pass and working hard!

Technique Pointers

Strength is important but there's lots of little pointers that can make a big difference to this technique - from the bending back of your arms, the step into the pass or that final flick and follow through from your fingers. They're all covered in the coaching points of this plan.

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