Netball Drill Demonstration


Set up:
2 balls
4 corners in partners

  • Partners drive out together. One to receive a pass (attacker A) from feeder in opposite line and one to anticipate defending the oncoming attacker from diagonal side.
  • Feeder (from opposite line) delivers ball to either one of the drivers who then becomes the attacker.
  • Attacker A delivers ball to opposite attacker who has driven from the diagonal side.
  • Attacker A to drive and cut through court to receive the ball from diagonal opposite feeder.
  • Defensive partner to defend oncoming space/person.
  • Attacker to receive the ball in front of defender.
  • Ball returns back to line. Workers to return to line.

Coaching points

  • Players practice gaining peripheral vision through court, they practice being spatially aware and develop skills around timing a pass and cut.
  • Ensure both pairs are timing their movement - this will ensure the attackers are crossing at the same time and allowing the defence to pick them up
  • Get your defenders to be aware of their body angle when the attacker is running through. The defender will want to position their body to keep the attacker away from the ball and force them up court (so the ball is effectively going backwards). This will help stimulate a real game situation as you do not want the attack to gain ground down court

Common errors:
Ball to stay in same half of court – only players will change ends. Make sure players vary up
if they are attacking or defending. It is chaotic, players to take initiative to drive out and call
for pass or pick up defensive position. There is no specific location for attackers to receive
the ball.
Players may struggle to find space through court and find it difficult to judge timing and
getting on front of players. Players need to deliberately pass and cut successfully in order to
execute this drill.
Defence can learn to work balancing the court across the space – focus on body angles i.e
not staying flat but defending space rather than man on man ‘try for the fly’.


  • Keep defenders and attackers set i.e. game day positions attackers and defenders.
  • Defenders to defend both passes i.e. from feeder and attacker.
  • Use coned channels or areas for attackers and/or defenders to receive the pass.

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