Developing Defensive Units up and down the court

The transition from attack to defence can be a make or break moment for your side - being un-structured and out of position will leave you wide open for a counter-attack. This session develops your teams defensive structure by working in small units up and down the court.

What’s in the session?

Begin with a shadow tag warm up to get defenders comfortable with recognising their positioning and keeping an eye on the opposition.

The skill development part of the session works on the differences between man-to-man and zonal defences, highlight how players must work together to cover eachother in either set up. The common theme throughout the skill development phase is the communication between the defenders to maintain shape and discipline.

The final conditioned game highlights the importance of getting back into position and tight at turnover. The practice encourages the defensive unit to react quickly after losing the ball to begin limiting the attackers passing options.

With a competitive element as well as a technical focus on positioning, communication and general understanding of the systems, this session will soon see your team be much more difficult to break down.

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