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Maximising Turnovers Session Thumbnail
Maximising Turnovers

Make the most of your turnovers to set up lethal attacks time after time.

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Half the group have a ball each, the other half has to stand tactically in between the two lines.

The players with the balls start behind the line and have to try and get across to the other line by using the static players (middle players can pivot on the spot).

1 or 2 catchers have to try and intercept the balls.

Players caught out must either sit out or help catch out the remaining players.

See how many of the attacking team can get successfully across to the other side!

Coaching points

Attackers must watch the floating players very carefully

Defenders to watch the ball and keep on their toes

Defenders to really commit to the interception

When using as an attack practice, increase and decrease the number of defenders depending on the skills of your group

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