Chest Pass

category: Passing

Description. Players in pairs with one ball about 5 metres apart. Coaching points. Ball should be released at chest height. Fingers spread around the...

Chest Pass (Side)

category: Passing

Netball Chest pass (side) Passing keep your eyes on the target Step forward with either leg Push through the ball using your elbows Use the step to d...

Chest Pass

category: Fundamentals

Netball Chest Pass Fundamentals *** AUDIO DESCRIPTION ON *** Spread your hands around the ball in a 'W' shaped position Bring the ball to your chest ...

Chest Pass On The Move

category: Passing

Netball Chest pass on the move Passing Players work in pairs with 1 ball. ... search our library of 700+ netball drills; create your own professional...

Web Videos

Netball skills - chest pass

This video guide breaks down the chest pass- an essential skill for the game of netball. Want to shoot like England Goal Shooter Joanne Harten? Pass l...



Community Drills

Chest pass drill with movement

In groups of 4 each player needs to stand on one cone, 2 players will be behind the same cone. Each person needs to throw the ball, using a chest pass...