Chain Reaction

category: Tag-Rugby

Rugby Chain Reaction Tag Rugby Divide the 20m x 20m grid in half. 1 Ball per group Players 1 starts standing with the ball. Player 2 starts on one kn...

Reaction Lifts

category: Lineout

Rugby Reaction Lifts Lineout The aim of the exercise is to develop unit work, communication and reaction to the lineout lift. Including the Process a...

Fun Catching Reaction Game

category: Passing

Rugby Fun Catching Reaction Game Passing This is a simple passing exercise that can be used as a warm up to improve players reaction time and catchin...

Chain Reaction - Progression

category: Tag-Rugby

Rugby Chain Reaction - Progression Tag Rugby 2 x Adjacent 20m x 10m channels In the first channel, players pass the ball across the line in a chain. ...

Reaction Tackle

category: Tackling

Rugby Reaction Tackle Tackling Groups of 6+ players. 3 tackle shields per group. 1 Tackle Sausage per group. 3 people with bags act as attackers, 1 b...

Square - Improve Reactions

category: Handling

Rugby Square - Improve reactions Handling Players stand on a blue cone. On Go, the player passes the ball and sprints out to the nearest cone in the ...

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Lineout Logistics

Don't get pipped to the pass - teach your players to jump and lift safely to help them become masters of the lineout!


Community Drills

Reaction Passing

Reaction plays – Whistle (15s HIIT)All players in rows, must see me.High knees passing to left & backTime keeping & whistleQuick passing, high...

Blind Defence Reaction 2

Attacking Red team of 7 players sets up in a line behind 3 balls that are scattered.Defending Blue team of 6 starts bunched behind a central cone with...

Dog and bone

Game to put the players 1 v 1 quick reactionsgood ball pick up