Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Groups of 6+ players. 
  • 3 tackle shields per group. 
  • 1 Tackle Sausage per group. 
  • 3 people with bags act as attackers, 1 by 1 they run at suausage stepping to a side of there choice when at the sausage.
  • Defenders start running when the attackers do, when the attacker steps, the defender makes quick decison in reaction to what shoulder he/she hits with. 
  • NOT FULL TACKLE - Focus on impact, and leg drive.
  • Progression: Get rid of the tackle bags and use balls - progress to full tackle. 

Coaching points

  • Small quick steps as approaching the tackle. 
  • Eyes up looking at the hips of the attacker. 
  • Low body Position. 
  • Head position. 
  • Foot in close to attacker. 

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