Rugby Drill Demonstration




  • In groups of 5 tie a bit of tape or string around the two posts approximately 0.5 to 1 meter above the ground.  

  • Two players hold the sausages behind the tape on either side and one holds the bag in front of the tape.

  • Change the man with the bag every few reps or hold the bag as the coach. 

  • The players will rotate around with each rep.


1 Full Repetition: 


  • The player starts on the ground, hits the bag with either shoulder and then powers past the bag.

  • Player then gets into a low body position and moves under the tape to complete a tackle on the sausage.

  • Next, they should get into a strong body position as if they were contesting at a ruck.

  • They then pick up the sausage and the previous holder moves around. 


Coaching points

  • Keeping a strong square profile

  • Keep low and driving through the tackle

  • Leg drive 

  • Keep chin off chest and eyes looking at the target

  • Wrap arms around to simulate how you would stop the player running in a game

  • Always thinking about the next job: Dynamic tackle and then getting into position over the ball to contest the ruck

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