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The aim is that when the coach signals the start the defending players will spread across to the other side of the field quickly and defend the entire field width. Explain to the players the importance of spreading out and defending in a line.

Game Organisation and Rules

The aim of this game is to get the defending team to understand the importance of spreading out in defence. This game is aprogression of Line Tag.

  • Set up a narrow rectangle approximately 10m wide x 5m long.
  • Split the players into 2 even teams and get them to face each other on opposite 10 meter lines.
  • Explain to the players that 1 team will be attacking and their task is to get across the opposition line without being tagged (2 handed tag).
  • The defending team are told to line up at one corner of the field and when signalled by the coach they are to attempt to tag the attacking players before they get across the line.
  • As the game develops the attackers will naturally start on the side furthest away to the defenders, to stop this place the fastest runners on the side closest to the defenders.
  • Explain to the attackers about the idea of changing running gale to step the defenders.

Coaching points

The keywords are:

  • Spread out - the defenders should spread across the try line quickly 
  • 2 handed tags - this gets them used to the idea of using 2 hands for tackling later

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