Pass And Drive

category: Roles-responsibilities

Netball Pass and drive Roles & responsibilities *AUDIO DESCRIPTION ON* ... Player from the line midway down sideline (B), drives in front of A to rec...

Three Man Weave

category: Group-practices

Description. Set up: 6+ players, full court space, 1-4 balls, 8 cones. Three cones are set up across the width of the court about a meter in from the...

Creating Space - Conditioned Game

category: Movement

4 cones are set up down each sideline. Players are to run around a cone, on the sideline, once they have passed the ball to a player. Once they have ...

Circle Edge Driving Drill

category: Attack


  • 4+ players set up on half court.
  • One stationary feeder to set up in front of the centre circl...

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Community Drills

Four corners- Triple Give & Go

-Drive to the center, receive from the Left-pass back to line you can from-Drive to sideline & receive back from where you passed t (1st G&G)-...

Agility and Ball Drill 3

Run to right hand cone, touch it, sidestep to left cone, touch it, then drive forward to receive pass, return to sideline, alternate initial drive sid...

Autosave 2250361

players start at centre line and lead to sideline to take pass. Land on outside foot, pivot and pass. Timing is everything.