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Pass and Drive

Set up: 1 ball, shooting third, 4 lines of players

The ball starts with player on middle of transverse line (A).

Player from the line midway down sideline (B), drives in front of A to receive a pass.

Player B passes from middle of the third/top of the circle on a diagonal out to player standing at the corner of transverse and sideline intersection (C). 

Player B joins line player C is from. Player C delivers ball to a player (D) who has driven from baseline corner to the edge of the circle. At the same time player D drove out, another player (E) from the same line drives into the circle. 

Player D delivers ball to player E in the circle. Players D and E act as WA/C and GS/GA feeding in and out of circle. Player E may choose to put up a shot. 

Player E delivers ball back to starting point A. 

Coaching points

Four lines of players:

1. Middle of transverse line

2. Halfway down sideline

3. Intersecting corner of sideline and transverse

4.Bottom left corner of court.

Players need to be aware of drill movements and balance each corner as the drill progresses. 

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