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Outwit your opponent with lightning speed and agility

Sharpen up your team?s fitness and working on both their agility and speed with this fitness session!

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The session mixes both attacking and defensive practices, whilst ensuring players are safe at all times adhering to social distancing guidelines.

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Set up 9 cones in a square in the middle of a third.

Two teams of 3 are lined up on the sidelines of the third, with each player holding the colour bib of their team in their hand.

They will play a game of noughts and crosses (tic tac toe).

Each player will run forward and place their bib on a cone. They first team to form a 3 bib line (diagonal, horizontal, vertical) of their teams colours wins a point.

Rule: Teams are not allowed to place their bibs in a line on the closest row as this makes it too easy.

If neither team has won from the initial run in then players can move their own team's bibs continually until one team wins.

If you have bigger teams, number your players and call 3 numbers out to start. They can then run back to the sideline to tag another player in to move a bib.

Coaching points

First team to 5 points win.

This warm up gets players to be aware of their teammates and opponents movements. They may need to move a bib just to stop a cone being available for their opponents to form a line.

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