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Master Footwork - 1, 2 Release! Session Thumbnail
Master Footwork - 1, 2 Release!

Master your team?s basic footwork and get them using the 1, 2 release with this session!

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Mastering effective footwork Session Thumbnail
Mastering effective footwork

Develop your players footwork in order to land correctly, whilst also looking at the skill of turning in the air to shut out the defender.

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Jogging and footwork patterns.

Players jog around the court, preforming different footwork patterns along different sides can be any lines on the court, players do not have to run around the perimeter).

With older players allow the player at the front of the line to lead, the other players must follow their example. Regularly change the player at the front of the line.

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After this players jog around the court at 20%, 50% and then 90% (depending on the coach's command).

Players jog round the outside of the court. When the coach calls a position, players have to run to that starting position on the court.

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