'Find your fit' - Developing Speed and Agility

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This session goes through improving your player's speed and agility on court, making sure they are at peak fitness and ready to perform at a high level on court! With a number of challenging exercises, you will develop your team's fitness, working on a number of different areas to make sure they can last the full 60 minutes.

It's also essential that your team works together, so we also look at communication and encouraging your players to read off one another to help maintain possession.

What's in the session?

Get your players warmed up and ready for the action, making sure they are properly warmed up to help prevent any injuries. Work on your player's fitness straight from the off, using Fartlek training to test their anaerobic endurance and agility.

See where your player's fitness is at already and then develop it, using activities such as Street Tag and Cross overs, which both also work on communication and teamwork between your players. Test out your player's fitness with a fun conditioned game, and prepare them for your next fixture!

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