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playing a team with very good passing to space

How does a team defend against opposition that pass into space extremely well. I teach my girls to stay in front of player as a defender but their passing is extremely on point and very difficult to intercept. Can you give me some suggestions.

Hi Sadie,

Firstly, I would advise you to make sure your players have an open body position at all times, so they can see both the ball and the player (I have attached a video to show this). This will allow your players to dictate where the attackers go, rather than the attack being in control.

I would always advise getting your defence to try keep their opposition high and wide, this is high up court (away from their shooting end) and wide, towards the sidelines. This will heavily restrict the attackers space and if they do want to pass a ball into space, it would either be towards the sideline, putting pressure on the receiver or up court, barely gaining any ground - of which I would say both would be successful defence.

In regards to holding attackers, for example the GS possibly, get your players to keep moving around their player to not allow them to set up a hold. This will confuse the ball carrier as they will not be able to tell where the free space is and it is likely to agitate the GS (or opposition player). Check out our information on defending a holding shooter for more information.

Always remember defence is about your players being in control and dictating the attack, if your players feel in control and confident they are likely to force more errors or turnover more ball. 

Hope this helps. 

Correct Defending Body Position

Video / Animation
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  • Whilst defending, you should always try to maintain an open body position, allowing you to see both the player and the ball
  • This means you should position your body at an angle so you are not flat facing your player, nor with your back to them. This position will enable you to see the a wider view of the court and help you analyse play to time your interception perfectly
  • You should also try to maintain a narrow foot base and a stay on the balls of your feet so you are ready to move off and be first to the ball

Thank you so much for your response I will implement some of your ideas at training

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