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Hitting Circle Edge - Attack Session Thumbnail
Hitting Circle Edge - Attack

Develop your players' ability to land on the circle edge to reduce the pressure on the ball carrier and increasing the success of the pass.

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  •  4+ players set up on half court. 
  • One stationary feeder to set up in front of the centre circle with the ball. 
  • One defender to hover just inside the shooting third.
  • Two attacking players, one from each sideline, run to meet in the middle, high five and then run out in a "V" to space.
  • Defender to pick up either of the attackers.
  • Feeder delivers the ball to the free attacker. They are to then pass to the attacker with the defender on them. The attacker needs to work hard to receive this pass on the circle edge. 
  • Play the ball back with the defender receiving the next pass and back to feeder. 

Coaching points

  • Ensure attackers are working hard to get on to the circle edge. If they are experiencing difficulties, then leave the deffence out so the players get a feel for where the edge is and then reintroduce the defenders.
  • Good drill for defenders as well as attack as defenders need to ensure they are using their body angles to try and keep the attacker off the circle edge.
  • Defenders are not to use their arms to defend. A common error in younger players. 


The number of defenders in the drill can be varied. Can start with none and have up to 3 (one for every attacking player).

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