Netball Drill Demonstration



Set Up:

  • Two balls, four cones, 4-6 players.
  • Cones set up as a diamond, the two feeders opposite each other with a ball each.
  • Two players in the middle as attackers/receivers.
  • Attackers use ‘little feet’ to move around the other attacker in the middle.
  • Attackers then split and drive to the outside cones.
  • Feeders deliver a ball into the middle of the diamond.
  • Attackers receive the pass from their right and move around the other attacker with
  • ball in hand to deliver the ball to the opposite feeder.

Coaching points

  • Attackers are encouraged to have a strong drive out to the cones and back into the middle, driving onto the ball is crucial with the feeders delivering the ball slightly in front of the attackers.
  • Attackers to keep eyes up whilst moving around each other in the middle.

Common Errors:

  • Attackers keep eyes down when moving around each other.
  • Defenders need to vary up their approach i.e. man on, arms up, area defence.


  • Add in first defender to confuse the area attackers will drive into. Attackers aim to receive the front pass.
  • Add in two defenders to the inside space. Defenders can practice area and man on defence and communicating with each other as they could do in the defensive circle.

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Drill tags: attack, driving, fast feet, netball

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