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Have two evenly numbered teams lining up on either side of the netball court.

To start the drill call out a number. Upon hearing the call the first players in the queue must run out (in the image 5 players from each team must run).

All players must touch their base line then run into the middle to try and be first to receive the ball. Whichever player is the first to cross their transverse line receives the ball from the coach and their team is attacking, the other team is defending.

The aim is to get pass and move down the court to score a goal. Once completed, the players go to the back of the line in their respective teams, and you call out another number to start the game again.

Coaching points

First team to get to 5 goals wins!


Players can only use only straight line and square passes to get the ball to the hoop. If they throw a diagonal pass, then it is a turn over to the other team.

Variations also could be every second pass has to be a bounce or you are only allowed to pass to a player who is driving towards you.

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