Speedy Feet

category: Goal-keeping

Setup as shown.Coach and goalkeeper about 1m apart.Coach starts with some balls about 8m out. The coach feeds the ball to the goalkeeper who quickly ...

Save / Clear (Left Foot - Hokoa)

category: Goal-keeping

the kick is executed by the foot on the side to which the GK is clearingleft foot, left side right foot, right sideGK steps forward towards the ball a...

Slap Hit - Direction

category: Video-Techniques

This video is to teach the players about ball position in relation to stance and the direction of the ball

Reverse Stick Interception

category: Defending-Skills

- Ball is passeed to the left foot- Player receiving deliberately traps the ball on the reverse side

Tennis Ball Catching

category: Goal-keeping

body stance should be with knees benthead over knees over anklesweight on balls of the feetmovement should be smooth, continuous and a “chassey-likeÂ...

Spy Tag

category: Moving-with-the-ball

All players with a stick and a ball. One player without stick and ball is the catcher they have to try and tag as many players with a ball. When a pl...

Open Side Block Tackle

category: Defending-Skills

Strong low body position and balanced ready to move. Left foot forward, right foot back, stick on the ground or hovering slightly above the ground. ...

Penalty Stroke

category: Set-Pieces

Start a stick’s distance away from the ball. Stand sideways to the goal with your left shoulder facing the goalie. Position your feet behind the ball ...

Ball Position

category: Practices-For-Juniors

Setup as shown.Both feet pointing forward. Stick in contact with the ball, with the ball in front of the body and to the right.

30Mph And 50Mph Zones

category: Moving-with-the-ball

Players have a ball each and work in two small groups. Each group begins in a crowded areas (30 MPH speed limit) and dribble around slowly.


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Community Drills

Main Session - Technique

Basics of block tackling(Get low to the floor, body behind the ball, hands apart on the stick, feet shoulder width apart.)Players are split in to team...

Dribbling (Unopposed Ball Carry)

Players dribble to cones, dribble around the cones keeping the ball on their open stick side. Drill not about speed but abilty to contr...


1. It is important that those involved in the defensive corners understand their jobs clearly The goalkeeper: immediately lines himself up in th...

Clip hitting

*Mini-goals will be used*A clip hit is when both hands are brought down the stick to hit the bell close to your feet.A: Dribble through cones then sho...