Hockey Drill Demonstration



Objective: To receive the ball from the left, letting it across the body to open up and pass to the right with control.

Purpose: Being able to let the ball come across the body opens up more passing options and can be a great way to eliminate with one touch. 

Structure: Groups of 3


Coaching points

  • Before receiving the ball, encourage the player to pre-scan to see where the next pass is, as well as where the defenders are.
  • Angle the body so that it's in a position where the player can open up to see both side (stood on a half-turn).
  • When receiving the ball, have the stick out in front to have it in the corner of the eye.
  • As the ball arrives, allow it across the body and cushion it with the stick to the outside of the right foot.
  • As the ball gets outside the right foot, the body should rotate around, bringing the feet into a position to make the next pass out to the right.
  • N.B. although arms should be soft to cushion the ball when receiving, the grip should be firm to prevent the stick from twisting when the ball makes contact.

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