Hockey Drill Demonstration



Objective: To be able to receive the ball from the right and transfer to the left with a pass. 

Purpose: Being able to transfer the ball from right to left in once motion means the transfer will be faster to take advantage of space created.

Structure: Pairs or Group of 3's


Coaching points

  • Open the body up to be able to see the passer from the right and the rest of the field on the left.
  • Receive the ball outside the right foot, bringing it into your stance before passing out to the left.
  • The angle of the stick face is dictated by the left elbow - keep the left elbow out high, keeping the stick face relatively neutral will improve control at receipt to keep the ball on the end of the stick within the stance. (When the elbow is in close to the body, the stick face stays closed, allowing the ball to get away from the player on receipt.)
  • As the ball comes into the middle/towards the left foot, pass the bal out to the left.

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