Drill Categories

Fitness Drills

Fitness helps basketball players avoid injuries and win more games, allowing them to keep up a high intensity right up to the final buzzer. Fitter pla...

Footwork and Movement Drills

Correct footwork and movement in basketball will enable your players to beat defenders, get free to receive the pass and open up more shooting opportu...


1 Leg Jumps

category: Fitness

Players will jump as high as the can on 1 leg, after they land they will bend down touching the floor, with the non jumping leg being extended be...

1/4 Squat- Vertical Jump

category: Fitness

Players will perform a 1/4 squat, from that squat they will jump as high as they can.

Once they land, they are going straight back into a 1/...

1V1 Zig-Zag To Jump Shot

category: Defense

1 offensive player and 1 defensive player.

The offensive player will dribble through the cones, once the player has reached the last cone ...

360 Degree Jumps

category: Fitness

Players will jump and rotatate 360 degrees in the air making sure they land on balance.

Once a player has jumped rotating one direction, the...

Backboard Touches

category: Fitness

  • Stand on the baseline below the backboard;
  • Two-footed jump arms raised above the head to touch the backboard with both hands;
  • Land...

  • Backboard Touches

    category: Fitness

    The player will stand just in front of the backboard(to the side of the rim).

    The player will jump and reach out with both arms to try and ...

    Ball Pass/ Protection

    category: Footwork-and-Movement

    Players must throw a self pass by putting throwing the ball ahead of themselves with back spin before jumping and catching the ball.

    After h...

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    Power Forward - Player Development

    Develop a fundamentally sound power forward! Use this session to work on all the skills required for a Power Forward, a critical position for any succ...

    Community Drills

    Warm Up

    PackmanChose 2 people to be the packmen. All players go onto court and stand on any line. Once coach has said go then all players must run along the l...

    Jump stop passing

    There are two groups lined up facing 10 metres away from each other. A player dribble the ball 5 metres in front them and jump stop then does a chest ...