Introducing the Layup - Shooting Skills Session

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In this plan we focus on the layup - improving your players' footwork and their ability to jump off the right foot to get the ball up and through the basket!

By working on the footwork and movement in small step-by-step stages your players will be able to perfect this important shooting skill and develop the confidence to use it in a game.

Using the layup can help all your players to find the net - even if they?re not the tallest player on your side. The key to a good layup is to time the jump correctly and roll the ball in when you're at the peak of your jump.

Improve your players? lay up skills today - drive into the key, jump towards the side of the net and score off the backboard!

Top Layup Tip:

"Keep your eyes on the basket at all times and keep the ball in both hands until the last second!" Randy Duck, Former Brighton Bears star

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