Approach, Jump And Clap

category: 11-Spiking

Players approach and jump and imitate a spike by holding the non-hitting hand up and hitting it as it it were a ball.

Jumping To Spike

category: 1-Techniques

Players move towards the net as the coach feeds the ball up. Players must position themselves close to the net and aim to catch the ball at the peak h...

Dig, Spike And Block Imitation

category: 10-Setting-Drills

Starting on the attack line, the players imitate a dig. Then, they jog forward to perform a spike movement. On landing they then move forward to ...

Set And Spike Relay

category: 1-Techniques

Rhythm hitting; the coach feeds the setter to set a hitter for their partner. After they have hit the ball they run around an object near the baseline...

Web Videos

Volleyball hitting drills

This drill is to enhance players with hitting skill using high ball contact to hit over block as possible.