Drill Categories

Ball Presentation Drills

Ball presentation is how the ball-carrier makes the ball available to a teammate after they have been tackled. The ball presentation videos and drills...


1 Hand Hip Drive

category: Passing

  • The aim of the drill is to develop players wrist strength.

1 Vs 1 Ball Retention

category: Ball-Presentation

The ball carrier walks up to the defender and turns away to present the ball to their own team.

The defender should try to turn the ball car...

1 Vs 1 Colour Cones

category: Agility-Running-Skills

There are 3 players who setup to take part in the drill. The attacker on orange and 2 defenders each on a different colour. Here it is on the blue ...

1 Vs 1 Get To Feet

category: Contact-Skills

Pass gets given to the attacker who has to run down the grid. When the tackle comes in the player with the ball has to present the ball.


1 Vs 2

category: Handling

  • The aim of the drill is to develop ball carrying in a contact zone.

1V1 Evasion

category: Agility-Running-Skills

2 players start on opposite end of a 5x5m block

  1. On the whistle they run down the line, turn the corner,
  2. The player with the b...

1V1 Tackle And Support Clear

category: Ruck-Clear-Out

3 players (One player in Tackle Suit, one ball carrier and one support player) and one ball.

Ball carrier attacks suited player and takes le...

2 Hand Passing Hip Drive

category: Passing

  • The aim of the drill is to develop players wrist strength.
  • Start with the ball sitting on the outside of the hip
  • No backward m...

2 On 1 Attack And Defence Drill

category: Match-Related

Set a narrow grid to attack. Defenders and attackers begin on the touchline in the centre. Both leave at the same time and run around appointed con...

Web Videos

What's inside a rugby ball?

We were asked to cut open a Rugby Ball to see what the inside looks like. Here is a link to the Gilbert Training ball we bought on Amazon for this vid...



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Community Drills

Back Door

Scum Half throws to the left then the last forward will throw the ball to the back line as one of the backs behind them cathes the ball to go

Autosave 69459493

5v3 blue team in possession of the ball. Start proceeding to try line passing ball around team. Each time player reaches a red cone they must perform ...


Need a good lineout thrower!Players to sell the move.Ball thrown to the back of the line-out.Scrumhalf feeds flyhalf while blindside winger runs betwe...