Contact Skills in the Tackle

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The better your side are at tackling, not only will they create more opportunities for themselves to win the ball through pressure and turnovers, but they'll also make it incredibly difficult for the other team to score!

The fear of tackling

For inexperienced players tackling can be quite a daunting part of the game, particularly when tackling from behind with the prospect of getting a face full of studs! No matter what age your players though there's never any harm in recapping tackle technique and that's precisely what this session aims to do - instilling tackle toughness and confidence back into your players.

What's in the Session?

Starting out with a physical warm up to get the blood pumping we then focus on correct tackle technique, starting with a walking drill for the younger players, and then progressing into pairs tackle drill. Players take it in turn to be to tackler and the tacklee. As they move into each new zone on the pitch they must perform a different tackle, starting with the side tackle, driving into the front tackle and then pouncing skilfully into the challenging back tackle.

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