The Flag

category: Movement

Netball The Flag Movement The aim of this drill is to get the players to think about passing and moving in variety of directions at speed. The ball m...

Gs Exit Top

category: Set-Plays

Netball GS Exit Top Set Plays The WA and GA will start in a staggered position, with one player (GA in this example) on the line and the other (WA) p...


category: Injury-Prevention

Netball Superman Injury Prevention Get into a poisition with both knees and both ... Your hands and arms should be under your shoulders Slowly lift o...

Ankle Stability With Band

category: Injury-Prevention

Netball Ankle Stability with Band Injury Prevention Get a resistance band and anchor it to something solid/static - this may be to a post or even get...

Shooter Shuttles

category: Small-games

Netball Shooter Shuttles Small games Set up: Split players into runners and shooters - no more than 4 shooters at one time who start in the shooting ...

Web Videos

Netball skills- basic shot technique

This video breaks down the basic netball shot technique and will give you the key points to work on to become a better netball shooter. Want to shoot ...



Community Drills

Agility and Ball Drill 2

Run straight forward and pick up dropped ball from feeder, return ball, clear around right hand cone, then drive forward for pass, clear around left h...

1. Active Chest Pass

Active Chest PassRun onto pass. Don't slow down.Return pass.Return to end of line.

Taking on the defender (2)

W drives forward for ball, looks down the line, but can’t give it so returns to F1Then drives down court to get long ball Start with relatively p...